IHI Mini Excavators and Compact Track Loaders

IHI Mini Excavators and Track Loaders are exceptional for working in tight places and can outperform larger, more expensive machines in construction work, landscaping and pipe-laying.

Features include unmatched durability, outstanding digging force and cycle time, operator comfort, lower noise levels and smooth, easy operator controls.

Westco Equipment can help you select the best IHI machine for your needs, as well as providing a full maintenance, spares and repair service.

Zero Swing Mini Excavators

9VX3 Mini Excavator • 17VX3 Mini Excavator • 25V4 Mini Excavator •
30V4 Mini Excavator • 35V4 Mini Excavator • 45V4 Mini Excavator •
55V4 Mini Excavator • 65VX3 Mini Excavator • 80VX3 Mini Excavator •

Conventional Mini Excavators

35N3 Mini Excavator • 55N3 Mini Excavator •  

Compact Track Loaders

CL35 Compact Track Loader • CL45 Compact Track Loader •  






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