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PFREUNDT Mobile Weighing Systems

Now you can custom-design a weighing system that can be fitted to all your vehicles. Because the PFREUNDT system is so accurate, you can avoid short loads, and guard against dangerous overloading.

The flexible PFREUNDT System can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles, both new and retrofitted.

Nearly all industries can benefit from the increased productivity from using the PFREUNDT system, from earthmoving, quarrying, waste management, agricultural, container handling all the way to forestry and transport.

WK 50 Electronic Weighing System

Suitable for all vehicle types. User-friendly, robust and intuitively laid out.

Data output format can be weighing ticket, radio or memo box.

The high quality solution for approved weighing - calibratable to Class III.

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WK 60 Electronic Weighing System

Now with 7" touch display.

Interfaces for printer (RS232), network (LAN), CAN bus, Multi-I/O, power supply and for wireless data transmission via WLAN, GPRS and GPS positioning.

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P-Series Electronic Weighing System for Wheel Loaders

The pSeries electronic weighing system is designed specifically for rough wheel loader working conditions.

Comprehensive display and control centre with many weighing system functions, interfaces
and optional accessories. Simple operation with function keys and press-and-turn knob.

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Solutions for wheel loaders

For all wheel loader types, features dynamic weighing, patented sensors, robust printer, modular structure. very easy to operate and calibratable to Class III.

Simple 1-2-3 design can be installed in one day!

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Hook Lift Truck Vehicles

Small and compact, the ARK-2 system is robust and requires minimal maintenance. On the spot weighing allows you to prevent overloading and prepare documentation instantly. Ideal where short distances are travelled and quick turnaround is essential.

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Excavators and Cranes

This high capacity unit can be used for excavators and cranes up to 100 tonnes (45 tonnes calibratable). The optimum system for wood, metal, scrap, rock and container operations.

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Dumping Vehicles

Designed to perform multiple evaluations - essential for operations such as mining, quarrying and forestry. Just two pressure sensors transmit load data to the WK-50 or WK-60 calibratable unit. With this unit you can access data from your whole fleet, including weights, cycle times, standing times etc.

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Conveyor Belt Weighing Systems

Compact and robust sytem which can be fitted to both static and mobile units such as crushers. Equipped with a belt speedometer and angle sensor to ensure optimum accuracy.

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